"If You Catch a Bird: Receive • Hover • Go"
(1999 / 9:16)
Improvised music with calligraphy at
The Music Gallery, Toronto
Cinnamon Sphere with guest Jin Hi Kim
on komungo, electric komungo and changgo

"Cinnamon Sphere" mixed media trio come together with komungo virtuoso and composer Jin Hi Kim, whose performance on traditional and electric komungo and changgo (Korean 4th-century fretted board zither and hour-glass shaped drum) sparks a musical and visual dialogue rich in shamanistic connotations, passionate bursts of ink on paper and hypnotic reverie.  Peebles distills this studio performance into three distinct vignettes which capture the emotional exchanges of the group, up-close textures of ink and brush in motion and their transformation into three completed art works.

Produced and directed by Sarah Peebles, featuring "Cinnamon Sphere" mixed media trio:
Sarah Peebles, computer-assisted performance and shô (Japanese mouth-organ)
Nilan Perera, altered electric guitar and effects
Chung Gong Ha, calligraphy performance
Jin Hi Kim, komungo, electric komungo, changgo   [www.jinhikim.com]
Sarah Peebles, production; Greg Hopen, videography; Andrew Kines, editing; John D.S. Adams, audio recording. Recorded at The Music Gallery, December 16, 1997. Supported in part through Canada Council for the Arts Music Section: Career Development Program and New Music Special Projects funding.