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Terra Nova journal, Vol. 2, No. 3
("Music from Nature" special issue with CD; MIT Press)

Music from Nature: The Terra Nova CD
"Nocturnal Premonitions" (electronic tape, 1996)

Sarah Peebles has one of the most careful and subtle ears of any composers of musique concrete working today. She makes her music most often on tape or computer, blending diverse sounds together spontaneously to create rich sonic improvisations. I listened to a lot of this genre of music, but there is something rich and beguiling about this very short piece that breathes a presence of life. The sounds, all looped and slowed-down samples, seem to speak out from nature and suggest a way the digital technology of our time can parse the fluidity of the real world.... The composition was first improvised in sections, then meticulously rehearsed, memorized, and performed. It is recorded in real time. Detached as this may read, the result sounds remarkable alive.

— David Rothenberg

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