Sarah Peebles: Composer/Performer

  • Pollination Wunder Station
    The Tree Museum Catalogue 2011 - 2012

    "Sarah Peebles’ Pollination Wunder Station (2011), one of several habitat sculptures that Peebles developed as part of Resonating Bodies, considers the surrounding natural environment differently: she collaborates with it. She constructs a cabinet-style habitat for native solitary bees and wasps, which unlike honey bees or paper wasps, do not build hives. Visitors can observe them through plexiglas while amplified sound allows for focused listening without cutting out ambient noise. Over time, as more bees and wasps nest, people can observe them in all stages of their life cycles and witness how the piece has developed in accordance to nature’s improvised script. Therefore, while her sculpture is artificial, that is, human built, it blends - in fact, works - with nature."
    -Earl Miller, (pp 9-10 & 18-19; see entire 2011-2012 Catalog - The Tree Museum )

  • Gathering
    (Spool - Field)

    Top 5-Cds-improvised music of 2004, Exclaim!:
    "A mesmerising double-dics retrospective...from well beyond the brink of comfort into strangely soothing corridors where double-locked doors unexpectedly open and lure the listener over foreboding threshholds. "

  • Suspended in Amber
    (Innova Recordings)

    "This remarkable work demands to be heard with one's senses and mind wide open; it would be a great loss to miss the subtleties of these engaging compositions."
    - Leonardo Music Journal
    (Suspended in Amber, innova Recordings)

  • Hover
    (Studio Excelo ltd CDR)

    "Sounds seem to blossom effortlessly out of the electrified instruments and the Mac patches as if meditated into presence... (Peebles and Perera) mix tidal undulations of tone with the ability to pick out sharp flecks of texture in complex aural environments"
    - The Wire ("Hover")

  • Cinnamon Sphere Trio
    (Cinnamon Sphere Trio)

  • Performance reviews, etc.

  • Insect Groove
    (cycling 74)

    "Visionary in its experimental merging of the primitive with advanced digital technology... a series of incredibly active soundfields"
    - The Wire ("Insect Groove", Studio Excelo CD-R)

    "The music is startling, always absorbing. The mixing of environmental and electronic sound is really potent."
    - Brent Clough, Other Worlds, ABC Radio National
    ("Insect Groove" and "Hover", Studio Excelo CD-R)

  • 108: Walking Through Tokyo
    at the Turn of the Century


    "What could emerge as self-indulgent noise is instead an absorbing episodic sound collage, recalling a more cohesive version of one of Glenn Gould's 1960s radio documentaries."
    - Eye Weekly, Toronto

    “Without even trying, an honesty elevates it beyond clinical wiretapping...the main technique is total, pure location and environmental concrete.”
    - Vince Harrigan, Manifold Records

    “My fourteen year old son has unequivocably declared it is ‘cool’.
    - Deirdre Tanaka, Toronto

  • Whose Forest?
    (Hornblower Recordings)

    "Packed with arresting compositions... (with) the amazing Cinnamon Sphere. A sampler of some of Canada's more original musical voices."
    - Eye Weekly, Toronto (Whose Forest? , Hornblower Recordings)

    "A wild and wonderful activist CD...beautiful, fascinating and eerie. Far out"
    - The Free-Reed Review (Whose Forest? , Hornblower Recordings)

  • Terra Nova Journal
    (MIT Press)

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