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radio broadcast 1980 – 2006

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1980 – 2006

WCBN 88.3 (Ann Arbor, MI / USA) and C I U T 8 9 . 5 F M (Toronto, ON / Canada)

From 1980 to 2006, the Audible Woman explored avant-garde music & performance of the past and present in all of it's enterprising forms: encompassing sound-art, electroacoustics, improvisation, classical forms and much more. We brought you national and local Canadian talent together with the international community and featured regular live interviews and ticket give-aways. Cultivating the music and arts community through grass-roots communication, The Audible Woman, at CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto since 1991 and at WCBN-FM (as “Classical Women”) since 1980, was broadcast for over 20 years. Sarah Peebles was the primary host/producer between 1984-2005; Stephanie Moore has been the host/producer 2005-2006, but has had to discontinue the programme at CIUT due to moving from Toronto. We are in hiatus for the time being, but are considering podcasting and other alternatives. Stay tuned for updates at this site (this update January, 2007).

PLAYLISTS from 1991 to the present are on this site. These include record labels, artists, albums and tracks. We believe they are a valuable record of activity by women in music/sound arts internationally, as well as being an excellent guide to both recording labels and artists of adventurous music.


"The Audible Woman" has been a monthly programme of music composed created by women devoted to art-music and related music-based genres, defined as the following: experimental, avant-garde, "20th/21st-century classical" (think Kronos Quartet), sound-art, improvisation, electro-acoustic, computer, sound poetry, sound installations, performance art, etc. We have focused primarily on current music, including music co-created by women and men, but have included historical explorations from time to time. We also saught to promote exposure of composers/artists from diverse cultural, ethnic, educational and economic backgrounds, of diverse sexual orientations, and of composers from non-urban communities. Published and non-published music sent directly from composers has usually made up about 60% of our content. Published music sent from labels and others to us directly and to the CIUT library has made up the rest.


Information sources/contributors: composer-organizations and record companies
(partial list / individuals not included; see Playlists for more)
  • AMN Recordings
  • Ambiences Magnetiques
  • American Composers Forum: sounding board
  • American Women Composers
  • Artifact
  • Australian Broadcasting Corp.
  • Australian Music Center
  • Barnyard Records
  • Bayer Records
  • Cambria Records
  • Centre Discs (Canadian Music Centre)
  • Cincinnati Composers Forum
  • Clique Track
  • CEC (Canadian Electroacoustic Community; see Resources)
  • Contact! (CEC; see Resources)
  • CRI
  • Deep Wireless (New Adventures in Sound Art)
  • DIFFUSION i MéDIA (empreints DIGITALes)
  • Dorian Records
  • Earsay
  • Electronic Music Founndation (EMF)
  • innova Recordings (The American Composers Forum)
  • Leonarda Records
  • Miniscule University Press
  • Move
  • New York Women Composers
  • Nine Winds
  • Nonsequitur Foundation: The Aerial, What Next?, Radius
  • North-South Consonance
  • O.O. Discs
  • Rat Drifting
  • Spool
  • Svensk Musik
  • Tellus (Harvest Works)
  • The Oliveros Foundation
  • The Japan Federation of Composers
  • The International League of Women Composers
  • TransMuseq
  • Vienna Modern Masters
  • XI (Experimental Intermedia)



Directed, produced and hosted by Stephanie Moore, 2005-2006. Assisted by Sarah Peebles, Josie Chan and Marisa Iacobucci, with guest hosts Juliet Palmer, Allison Cameron and others. Cohosts, guest hosts and assistants over the 20+-year history of the show have included Jola Sobolak, Juliet Palmer, Margaret English, Susanna Hood, Allison McPhail, Andra McCartney, Allison Cameron, Judy Perry, Lenny Mokas and Jen Norfolk @ CIUT, Toronto, 1991 - 2005; Elena Ruehr, Margaret Phillips, Darcy Johnson, Jeanne Gilliland, Chia Lin Chin, Sera Huang, Leslie Hogan, Cynthia Katsarellis, Kyra Gaunt, and Linda Gardener @ WCBN, Ann Arbor, MI, 1984 - 1989. The Audible Woman began as "Classical Women", and was instigated by Professor Susan Cook at WCBN-FM, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Stephanie Moore joined The Audible Woman in 2003. She is a composer and writer based in Leith, Ontario; she graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Music in 2004. Sarah Peebles produced and hosted The Audible Woman (formerly "Classical Women") at WCBN-FM, Ann Arbor 1984-1989, and at CIUT-FM, Toronto, from 1991-2005 - as noted above. She is a Toronto-based composer, performer, improvisor and installation artist, originally from Minnesota and somewhat educated at the University of Michigan School of Music. Marisa Iacobuci, assisting the show since 2001, is a Toronto-based writer and editor. Josie Chan, contributing since 2004, is an undergraduate student in Music Theory / Musicology at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music. Anneli West, Four Corners Communications, is webmaster. Thanks to Charlyn Wee for additional work on the Playlists.



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